There are two sides to every story.  If you happen to see a bad review posted online, please keep in mind that we have been in business since 1971.  Thousands upon thousands of customers have been satisfied.  Below is our response to the first negative review that has been written online about us.  We are confident that our solid standing in the community for 47+ years stands up to any negative review posted online.  Thank you 


Concerning the review by Tracy B.   The table was marked for sale and purchased with a check and receipt from the Estate Sale Rep.   I also asked the Sales Rep about a cradle.  She sold that to me as well.  When I arrived the next day to pick them up, the Estate Sales Rep told me that the cradle was not for sale.  Fine with me.  So, I took only the table.  This was a legal, ethical sale.  The kind I have had thousands of times in 47 years of business.  Relatives sometimes find out later about sales of this kind and want the merchandise back.  On those rare occasions I have resolved the issue. 

However, in this case, when she called me a few days later I had already begun working on the table.  This is a full time job for me and I had already put in about 8 hours of work on fixing the table up.  The top had construction adhesive all over it and was in the middle of being torn apart and repaired to restore it.  

She could have offered to pay me for my work but wanted to call an attorney instead and I was not happy.   So, instead she was unreasonable and posted this review and I believe had a couple of friends post negative and slanderous lies about me on other sites on the same day as this one (which really should be removed since they are not true).

I have been a full time dealer for 47 years and have met thousands of good people.  I do not steal.  I have a very good reputation considering the tens of thousands of sales Ive made all over this nation.  

Thomas D Bireley, owner
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